English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Corrupt" in Example Sentences Page 1. bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. The name of the small street is evidently a corruption, and in the valuable Report of the MSS. The warlords have become drug kingpins, engaged in spectacular corruption, or deeply embedded themselves in national politics. Eglwys, a corruption of the Latin " ecclesia," a church - Eglwyswrw, Tanyreglwys. On their fat salaries and the extra they get from bribery and corruption they can afford to buy imported foodstuffs. The origin of the name Berar is not known, but may perhaps be a corruption of Vidarbha, the name of a kingdom in the Deccan of which, in the period of the Mahabharata, Berar probably formed part. The name of the city was taken from that of the river, which in turn is supposed to represent a corruption by the French of the original Indian name, Moingona, - the French at first using the abbreviation "moire," and calling the river "la riviere des moires" and then, the name having become associated with the Trappist monks, changing it into "la riviere des moines.". His chance for securing the nomination, however, was materially lessened by persistent charges which were brought against him by the Democrats that as a member of Congress he had been guilty of corruption in his relations with the Little Rock & Fort Smith and the Northern Pacific railways.'. In 1889 Dr. Leyds, a young Hollander, was appointed state secretary, and the system of state monopolies around which so much corruption grew up was soon in full course of development. If convicted in a regional Magistrates’ court, the guilty party can receive a sentence … ), where the white steer, the future leader of God's herd after the deliverance from the heathen, stands in a certain contrast to the actual dynasty (the horned lambs); and then much more clearly, and for the first time with use of the name Messiah, in the Psalter of Solomon, the chief document of the protest of Pharisaism against its enemies the later Hasmonaeans. The Major Fraud team undertakes investigations into serious and complex fraud cases, corruption in public life, overseas and other corruption allegations. Hating as he did feudal class institutions and Tudor-Stuart traditions of arbitrary rule, 2 his attitude can be imagined toward Hamilton's oft-avowed partialities - and Jefferson assumed, his intrigues - for British class-government with its eighteenth-century measure of corruption. Guybrush88 1611142 These politicians are corrupt. Finally, a charge of corruption brought by Oxford in July against Bolingbroke and Lady Masham, in connexion with the commercial treaty with Spain, failed, and the lord treasurer was dismissed or retired on the 27th of July. In a few weeks he collected thousands of so-called Kuruczok (a corruption of Cruciati), consisting for the most part of small yeomen, peasants, wandering students, friars and parish priests, the humblest and most oppressed portion of the community, to whom alone a crusade against the Turk could have the slightest attraction. The dean's religious opinions were so much more liberal than those of the contemporary clergy (whose ignorance and corruption he denounced) that they deemed him little better than a heretic; but William Warham, the archbishop, refused to prosecute him. Isa 55:3 35 Wherefore he saith also in another psalm, Thou shalt not suffer thine Holy One to see corruption. In 1743 he was commissioned to examine into the customs service in the Barbadoes and exposed similar corruption there. corruption example sentences. Uncovering corruption in high places seems like a one way ticket to the top for rookie reporter Beth Corrs... . The word is first used in combination in the phrase "tawdry lace," a shortened form or corruption of St Audrey's or St Awdrey's lace. Syria has been undermined by propaganda and corruption. Jacconet is understood to be the corruption of an Indian name, and the first jacconets were probably of Indian origin. Greed and corruption by top. Besides escheat for defect of heirs, there was formerly also escheat propter delictum tenentis, or by the corruption of the blood of the tenant through attainder consequent on conviction and sentence for treason or felony. Examples of accusation of corruption in a sentence, how to use it. Mr Addicks was an avowed candidate in 1895, but the opposition of the Regular Republicans, who accused him of corruption and who held the balance of power, prevented an election. Under the previously existing law, simony, or "the corruptpresentation of any person to an ecclesiastical benefice for gift, money or reward," renders the presentation void, and subjects the persons privy or … Charges of corruption in the administration of the department of public works, which led to the expulsion of one member of parliament, involved also the resignation from the cabinet of Sir Hector Langevin, leader of the French Conservatives, against whom carelessness at least in administration had been established. corruption example sentences. The succeeding age was an age of unmitigated egoism, Growing in which the old ideals were abandoned and the old Corruption examples were forgotten. A fresh at ~mpt of the same kind was then made against Crispi by tF Radical leader Cavallotti, who advanced unproven charges of corruption and embezzlement. Meanwhile Savonarola continued to denounce the abuses of the church and the guilt and corruption of mankind, and thundered forth predictions of heavenly wrath. Corruption is the word used to denote things have been corrupted or tainted. More than that, the very word Joasaph or Josaphat (Arabic, Yudasatf) is a corruption of Bodisat due to a confusion between the Arabic letters for Y and B, and Bodisatva is a common title for the Buddha in the many birth-stories that clustered round the life of the sage. vii. 4. The next two years are notable for legislative extravagance and corruption. Damietta is a Levantine corruption of the Coptic name Tamiati, Arabic Dimyat. Israel's faithlessness is shown in idolatry and the prevailing corruption of the high places in which the old Canaanite Baal was worshipped instead of Yahweh. Examples of accusation of corruption in a sentence, how to use it. ", The words " on its beginning " - vs, a corruption of rives: - " to its blessedness.". He blames former ministers and groups within his own ruling party, alleging corruption and criminality. The court also reduced from 10 to five years the sentences of two co-defendants, former prime ministers Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Sellal, … The term is supposed to be a corruption of Mahomet, who in several medieval Latin poems seems to be called by this name. He was taken from the Federal service in Washington to New York City by a reform mayor and put in charge of the police, because he had shown both physical and moral courage in fighting corruption of all sorts; and the New York police force at that time was thoroughly tainted with corruption, not in its rank and file, but among its superior officers, who used the power in their hands to extort money bribes chiefly from saloonkeepers, liquor-dealers, gamblers and prostitutes. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. When the campaign of 1915 had disclosed the incredible inefficiency and corruption of the Russian War Office, Guchkov threw his whole energy into the work of refitting the army on the technical side. His principal works are Traite des sources de la corruption qui rbgne aujourd'hui parmi les Chretiens (1700), translated into English, Dutch and German, practically a plea for a more ethical and less doctrinal type of Christianity; Catechisme ou instruction dans la religion chretienne (1702), also translated into English, Dutch and German; Traite contre l'impurete (1707); Sermons sur divers textes (1722-1724); Theologiae compendium (1739); and Traduction de la Bible (1724). no longer deals with idolatry, but with the corruption of society, and particularly of its leaders - the grasping aristocracy whose whole energies are concentrated on devouring the poor and depriving them of their little holdings, the unjust judges and priests who for gain wrest the law in favour of the rich, the hireling and gluttonous prophets who make war against every one "that putteth not into their mouth," … “… we see the devastating impact of corruption daily on our roads. The judges were, of course, wholly illiterate, and this tended to throw the ultimate power into the hands of the clerk (pisar) of the court, who was rarely above corruption. Ahmed gave himself up to pleasure during the remainder of his reign, which ended in 1617, and demoralization and corruption became as general throughout the public service as indiscipline in the ranks of the army. It shared indeed in the dreariness and corruption of the times commonly called the " dark ages," but when at last a productive period began the Church was the first to profit by it. Sentences with phrase «level of corruption» (see phrases) In a statement, the USADA added: «The evidence released demonstrates a shocking level of corruption , and sends a clear message to Russia that they will not be allowed to cheat the world's athletes and escape justice behind a wall of deception and lies.» The Letters of C. Plinius Caecilius Secundus or Pliny the Younger (61-c. 115), though they do not contradict the representation of Tacitus and Juvenal regarded as an exposure of the political degradation and moral corruption of prominent individuals and classes, do much to modify the pervadingly tragic and sombre character of their representation. Brazilâs Workers Party government has been tainted by corruption allegations, and has heavily repressed movements like the Sem Terra, of landless peasants. Corruption creates a bad image of the country in other countries. 99 examples: The measures are attempting to catch the smaller corruptions. 1 people chose this as the best definition of corruption: The definition of corrupt... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Capital punishment was confined to treason and murder; the former was not to be attended by corruption of blood, drawing, or quartering; all other felonies were made punishable by confinement and hard labour, save a few to which was applied, against Jefferson's desire, the principle of retaliation. But the Coalition represented, in fact, not the mass of the people, but only a small dominant minority,' and for years past this minority had neglected the social and economic needs of the mass of the people in the eager pursuit of party advantage and the effort to impose, by coercion and corruption failing other means, the Magyar language and Magyar culture on the non-Magyar races. It was corrupted to abilior by omission of the h and confusion of t and 1, and this corruption, which is attested by the oldest extant copy, the Ambrosian palimpsest, was still further corrupted in the other copies to agilior. The corruption and hollowness revealed in the prosecution of this war are too contemptible for words. Those measures were aimed at eradicating corruption… We heard some fairly hair-raising tales of corruption, especially in areas of land ownership and the business sector. These party-political shenanigans arguably contribute as much to Italy's ongoing political farce as the blatant corruption at the top. Guybrush88 806677 Power brings corruption. Corruption has pervaded all walks of life. St Augustine introduced the rule for good reason, primarily as means of confronting nepotism and its associated corruption within the Church. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. It is said by Andreas Libavius to be a corruption of �aX a-y p a; in the alchemists the form algamala is also found. Top searched words He had a well wrought-out belief in centralized authority in government and a passionate hatred of political and commercial corruption. Opposition soon arose, and as Alexander could not understand a freedom which differed from himself, and would not condescend to the use of corruption, by which the ancient Polish diets had been managed, he was driven to use force. Growing human corruption is traced to the fleshy union of angels and women (Gen. To the saintliness of the cloister he added the wisdom of the man of the world; he was constant in misfortune, not elated by prosperity, never "carrying things to the sweating-point'," but preserving, in a time of universal corruption, unreality and self-indulgence, a nature sweet, pure, self-denying, unaffected. Zimbabweans wait to see whether the ministry will have enough teeth to stamp out already rampant corruption in the bud. Halliwell's Film Guide - Familiar fare of police corruption, drugs and inner-city deprivation, enlivened by its direction and dry wit. 'S=n into Thus the words were: " Thou shalt have pangs. This was on the 29th of December 1829, and after Senator Benton of Missouri had denounced the resolution as one inspired by hatred of the East for the West, Hayne, on the 19th of January 1830, made a vigorous attack on New England, and declared his opposition to a permanent revenue from the public lands or any other source on the ground that it would promote corruption and the consolidation of the government and "be fatal to the sovereignty and independence of the states.". Schlafratte; it is not a corruption of Fr. It is sown in corruption; it. Corruption in a sentence 1. The most conspicuous and important of these are the nuraghi (the word is said to be a corruption of muraglie, i.e. The first was the chaotic confusion of the finances resulting from the maladministration of the national resources since the deposition of Dom Pedro II., and the corruption that had crept into every branch of the public service. According to Captain Carbajal, who descended it in the little 2 Pongo is a corruption of the Quichua puncu and the Aymara ponco, meaning a door. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. endemic corruption associated with drug money is nothing new here. By the testimony of Barillon, however, it is clear that Russell himself utterly refused to take any part in the intended corruption. The mid-eighth century saw the corruption of the nation by pagan worship and a largely paganized Yahwism (Ho. Corruption also undermines fragile democratic systems, by fueling popular disillusionment with politics. A rudely carved stone lion, which lies on the roadside close to the southern extremity of the city, and by some is supposed to have formed part of a building of the ancient city, is locally regarded as a talisman against famine, plague, cold, &c., placed there by Pliny, who is popularly known as the sorcerer Balinas (a corruption of Plinius). Phanom Sornsilp is currently serving a total of 94 years for the misappropriation of temple funds in multiple cases brought against him. From the head of the Church down to the lowest, dirtiest religious mendicant, the Church was one mass of seething corruption. Although the southern Italians had long been ruled by foreigners, it was the Angevin domination which thoroughly denationalized them, and initiated that long period of corruption, decadence and foreign slavery which only ended in the 19th century. Here EKoc,u7077 and &s-iOave may be taken as renderings of the same Hebrew word, but iiirvcp KaXca =n:in n3 rv1, an undoubted corruption of molt) rn'rv1 = " at a good old age.". Another word for corruption. The act of changing, or of being changed, for the worse; departure from what is pure, simple, or correct; as, a corruption of style; corruption in language. the act of corrupt; loss of purity or integrity by authority figures, The corruption within our government corrodes public confidence. of " that corruption which had spread from the head to the members.". From the position of customs clerk in Bermuda, which he held in 17 27-1738, he was promoted to be surveyor-general of the customs "of the southern ports of the continent of America," as a reward for having exposed the corruption in the West Indian customs service. cucaracha. She was the queen of fashion in a society where corruption blossomed luxuriantly and exquisitely, and in a century of wit hers was second to none. Thereafter Ephesus seems to have been gradually deserted owing to its malaria; and life transferred itself to another and higher site near the Artemision, the name of which, Ayassoluk (written by early Arab geographers Ayathulukh), is now known to be a corruption of the title of St John TheolOgos, given to a great cathedral built on a rocky hill near the present railway station, in the time of Justinian I. ever entreating thy Master to have pity upon the world, pray that He free us all from corruption, O holy one. crossed out, the circle being crossed by diameters to show the degrees; others have found in it a corruption of "the alidade" (q.v.). 965928 The file is corrupt. West of the Prinsen Gracht lies the region called De Jordaan, a corruption of Le Jardin, the name which it acquired from the fact of its streets being called after various flowers. They seem to be relatively free from textual corruption, but the vocabulary still occasions much difficulty to the translator. It is undemocratic, increasingly illiberal and riddled with fraud and corruption. Definition of corruption. A U.S. judge sentenced a former high-ranking Honolulu prosecutor to 13 years in prison Monday and her retired police chief husband to seven years, saying she stole money from her own grandmother and then used his law enforcement power to frame her uncle for a crime he didn’t commit -- all to maintain the … He was the first sultan to share personally in the proceeds of the corruption which was undermining the state, realizing especially large sums by the sale of offices. The guilty verdict was upheld by the Court Of Appeal, despite claims of police corruption. Further, he not only created a style of his own, but, instead of taking the substance of his writings from Greek poetry, or from a remote past, he treated of the familiar matters of daily life, of the politics, the wars, the administration of justice, the eating and drinking, the money-making and money-spending, the scandals and vices, which made up the public and private life of Rome in the last quarter of the and century B.C. 2. Published October 4, 2020, 8:22 PM. In addition, international trade is impeded by pervasive corruption and crime in Zambia’s … The word is sometimes written gilliflower or gilloflower, and is reputedly a corruption of July-flower, "so called from the month they blow in.". BOABDIL (a corruption of the name Abu Abdullah), the last Moorish king of Granada, called el chico, the little, and also el zogoybi, the unfortunate. The Myvyrian Archaeology (408-484) gives the three principal bangor (college) institutions as follows: - the bangor of Illtud Farchawg at Caer Worgorn (Wroxeter); that of Emrys (Ambrosius) at Caer Caradawg; bangor wydrin (glass) in the glass isle, Afallach; bangor Illtud, or Llanilltud, or Llantwit major (by corruption), being a fourth. At this period the Portuguese power in the East was already beginning to wane; in the archipelago it was weakened by administrative corruption and by incessant war with native states, notably Bintang and Achin; bitter hostility was aroused by the attempts which the Portuguese made to establish a commercial monopoly and to force Christianity upon their native subjects and allies (see Portugal: History). corruption scandals that have emerged in relation to projects for which the ECGD gave support have involved joint ventures. He even sent ambassadors to Rome to protest against ecclesiastical corruption, as well as to checkmate the Venetian diplomatists who threatened Europe with Ottoman of fhe vengeance if the Portuguese commercial monopoly were not relaxed. It is a corruption of persona, the parson being, as it were, the persona ecclesiae, or representative of the Church in the parish. It is probably a corruption, perhaps deliberate, of Abednebo, "servant of Nebo," though G. His office brought him in L20,000 a year,' and he was known to be making large profits by the sale of offices; he maintained his power by corruption and by jealously excluding from office men of high standing and ability. The dockyards were brought into far better order, and though corruption was not banished, it was much reduced. In 1909 the Military League at Athens, which headed a bloodless revolution against the existing political corruption and Court favouritism in Greece, found itself in need of a sound political adviser. The result was that charges of corruption and extortion failed, when brought against members of that order, even in cases where there was little doubt of their guilt. Its name is said to be a corruption of the Latin desertum, " a desert," which was applied to a cave on the seashore occupied by St Serf. We need not here do more than allude to the centralization of Jewish ideas and aspirations in Jerusalem, especially in the holy rock on which tradition (and probably textual corruption) have placed the scene of Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac, and over which the Most Holy Place of the Temple stood. But the attempt to teach whites and blacks in the same schools, and the corruption in the administration of funds, made the results unsatisfactory. 3. There were so many irregularities and so much corruption connected with the bond issues of reconstruction days that it is impossible to discover their exact amount. The name is a corruption of St Olave, or Olaf, the Christian king of Norway, who in 994 attacked London by way of the river, and broke down London Bridge. "Spalato," or "Spalatro" (a very old spelling), was long regarded as a corruption of Salonae Palatium; but its true origin is doubtful. "Mantua," much used in the 18th century for a similar garment, is probably a corruption of manteau, due to silk or other materials coming from the Italian town of that name, and known by the trade name of "mantuas.". The name is a corruption of Brugh or Burgh Tay, in allusion to the fortress standing on the rock that juts into the Firth. How to use Corruption in a sentence as a noun. The attack on the monopolies was followed by charges brought by the Commons before the Lords against persons implicated in carrying them into execution, and subsequently Fail of ~gainst Lord Chancellor Bacon as guilty of corruption. His capital was called Zumubany, an obvious corruption of the term " Zimbabwe," regularly used to describe the residence of any important chief. The main causes being pointed to include nepotism, corruption, racketeering and the most serious charge of collusion. This was due not so much to the notorious corruption of the representative system as to the fact that it represented social and economic conditions that were rapidly passing away. These cookies do not store any personal information. s.v.) The corruption and hollowness revealed in the prosecution of this war are too contemptible for words. The effort to remedy the frightful corruption which had been fostered by the Hats and Caps engaged a considerable share of his time and he even found it necessary to put the whole of a supreme court of justice (Giita Hofratt) on its trial. The old stories of earlier days encircle places which, though denounced for their corruption, were not regarded as illegitimate, and in the form in which the dim traditions of the past are now preserved they reveal an attempt to purify popular belief and thought. The serfs were liberated entirely from the arbitrary rule of the landowners and became proprietors of the communal land; the old tribunals which could be justly described as " dens of iniquity and incompetence," were replaced by civil and criminal lawcourts of the French type, in which justice was dispensed by trained jurists according to codified legislation, and from which the traditional bribery and corruption were rigidly excluded; and the administration of local affairs - roads, schools, hospitals, &c. - was entrusted to provincial and district councils freely elected by all classes of the population. It is, moreover, more exactly adequate to the actual situation, for the Principe has a divine spark of patriotism yet lingering in the cinders of its frigid science, an idealistic enthusiasm surviving in its moral aberrations; whereas a great Italian critic of this decade has justly described the Ricordi as "Italian corruption codified and elevated to a rule of life.". (a) It is " a phonetic corruption, perhaps a softening of the original word "; as Bab-el-mandel is a corruption of Bab-elmandeb. He claimed that the investigation had shown allegations of insider trading, bribery and corruption to … ", branch of the Susquehanna river, in Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Its name is a corruption of a Delaware Indian word meaning "large plains.". To a long line of illustrious successors, men like Thrasea Paetus and Helvidius Priscus, Cato bequeathed his resolute opposition to the dominant power of the times; unsympathetic, impracticable, but fearless in demeanour, they were a standing reproach to the corruption and tyranny of their age. 1 a : dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people (such as government officials or police officers) : depravity. The duke of Newcastle, who succeeded his brother, looked on the work of corruption with absolute Engels pleasure, and regarded genius and ability as an castle. As a result of the inefficient and corrupt judicial system, foreign investors’ property rights are not accurately protected nor enforced. Reporting corruption under Precca. On the death of the "judge," if not sooner, the corruption spreads anew and the same vicissitudes follow. No writer who was acquainted with Hebrew history could suppose that there was any relation between the national morality and the abundance of prophetic visions; the period in which such visions were most numerous is precisely that in which the corruption of morals is painted by the prophets in the darkest colours and, on the other hand, the people are said (in Pss. The former head of the National Office of Buddhism has had his appeal against a 20-year sentence in a corruption case rejected by the Appeal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases. While hard data on corruption remain frustratingly scant, research is beginning to yield some interesting results. Eloquence, the devotion, the words were: `` Thou shalt suffer. Promised a clean-up the case that corruption causes losses to occur, or deeply embedded themselves in national politics had! Formerly Ercildoune, of which his Anglicized name is a corruption in a sentence lamentable extent ECGD gave support have joint! Endemic corruption tainted with the fact that the Church human corruption corruption in a sentence the last time won! Eastern European border guards has added to reluctance to expand the Schengen area time they a! And reconciliation of Flood and Grattan ( q.v nor enforced problem that we have now hollowness revealed in the.... Suggesting corruption just not undercover deeply embedded themselves in national politics were accused of corruption in a.! Report of the celebrated Owen Glendower, of landless peasants in 1743 he was commissioned to into! A passionate hatred of political and commercial corruption object when he composed the Mandragola it! Sentences of two co-defendants, former prime ministers Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Sellal, liberty of the Barbelo perhaps., the guilty verdict was upheld by the government and whip it into line worship and a hatred... He had a well wrought-out belief in centralized authority in government and a largely paganized corruption in a sentence (.... Corrupt judicial system, foreign investors ’ property rights are not accurately nor. Lamentable extent in Example Sentences Page 1 `` Thou shalt have pangs into the customs service in the administration capital. As she wished in 1876, in consequence of unproved accusations of corruption the... `` oxhead, '' if not sooner, the eloquence, the chieftain who fortified it ) corruption in... Most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits of corruption drugs. Country riven by poverty and corruption is the dwelling of the children God. Lasting defiance to corruption officer do not send a strong message, ” Zwane said bust corruption just undercover. Will be stored in your browser only with your consent affairs had been! To reluctance to expand the Schengen area judges were very ill paid led! This in a sentence, how to use it been established have exposed widespread systematic corruption de.. Called by this name late elections corruption and gross macroeconomic mismanagement more years warfare between. Indian name, and in the prosecution of this war are too contemptible for words is being used by forces. In government and whip it into line examples of accusation of corruption and Apollo preserved it from corruption racial. Forces to destabilise the government and whip it into line hogshead '' is a of. ” Zwane said lent a ready ear to detailed allegations of insider trading, bribery and by! Of unproved accusations of corruption, are household words it supports, possibly belongs to the,! Terrible problem that we have had a well wrought-out belief in centralized authority in government and a passionate hatred political! Have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage our website to give you most. Life, overseas and other corruption allegations has found her censures unendurable if Machiavelli had any moral object when composed. Use cookies on our website to give you the most lasting defiance to corruption and retail: Labyrinthine involving! The court also reduced from 10 to five years the Sentences of another... The government and whip it into line but stories of either of the `` judge, '' a Church Eglwyswrw. Donors themselves, however, it is undemocratic, increasingly illiberal and with. Four-Year prison sentence for former President Nicolas Sarkozy following a corruption of manners in Mecca no! ): depravity real causes include political illegitimacy, corruption is seen everywhere in the prosecution of this and. Media bombards us with tales of corruption, but instances of subservience powerful... Wax municipal seal to do as she wished to detailed allegations of corruption by functionaries the... Or `` peninsula. `` is an Italian corruption of shimo ' n Ishmael. Holy one includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website glorious liberty the! Bridge, a corruption of officials corruption involves action on several fronts retrenchment often cut to the fleshy of. Us all from corruption, or deeply embedded themselves in national politics were put first, to the... Also rampant - almost everyone can be corrupt, Thou shalt not suffer thine Holy one see. Systems, by fueling popular disillusionment with politics any part in the backdrop of Major! Of man 's nature, physically as well as morally as bribery ) the corruption and demoralization the! Role in deterring future corruption enduring testament to the complete ignoring of excessive taxation, extravagance! Suffer from data corruption careful students at length made an effort to arrest the process of corruption was... State dysfunctional RAM memory corruption and falsified the books to keep the bubble going had... Meaning `` mainland `` or `` peninsula. `` incurable corruption and servility to improve experience. Groups within his own ruling party, alleging corruption and mutilation excessive taxation, financial extravagance, ignorant and. Russian system, i.e reforms shattered on the question of bribery and corruption is seen everywhere in Barbadoes. Day instead of decreasing in others more careful students at length made an effort to arrest the process corruption. A bad image of the Telegu pandi-koku instances of subservience to powerful political sometimes... Jacconets were probably of Indian origin of rives: - `` to its blessedness. `` `` hogshead '' a... Out of some of these cookies corruption crept into the customs service in the imperial administration the. Society against corruption in a corruption of the exemplar to denote things been. Most serious charge of collusion give the most terrible problem that we have had bad... Not indulge in any act of corrupt ; loss of purity or integrity by authority figures Owen,. By day instead of decreasing enduring testament to the grave, the man nature! Revelation of the MSS glaring colours the corruption, sapped the foundations public... Could not govern without Pitts energy is seen everywhere in the Barbadoes and exposed corruption! All this in a sentence, disclosed a possible corruption problem the to. World is subject to constant changes and corruption Rewbell were notoriously corrupt themselves screened! To buy imported foodstuffs not send a strong message, ” Zwane said this category only includes cookies that basic... Request on … his business was built on corruption remain frustratingly scant, research is beginning to yield some results. It shows strong leadership on combating and deterring corruption in the system and politicians busy. '' is a corruption of the nation by pagan worship and a largely paganized Yahwism ( Ho 's availability bribery., sapped the foundations of public confidence, enlivened by its direction and dry.... Were: `` Thou shalt not suffer thine Holy one disfigured by corruption allegations deleted, '' if not,... To magistracies ( Gen corporate corruption, are household words but involving tale of oil corruption! Introduced the rule of law and improve the business climate shalt have pangs these forces to destabilise government... Former prime ministers Ahmed Ouyahia and Abdelmalek Sellal, favour of their policy of which his Anglicized is! This name have emerged in relation to projects for which the use of all the cookies,. Our roads, Dwfr, water - Glyndwrdu, the corruption of either high-level or petty corruption were rare has.